‍When you’re looking for a tent for an outdoor event, you probably have a few options in mind. Perhaps a frame tent is the obvious choice for you because it offers more headroom and visibility than other tent types. But what about pole tents? Are they just as useful? Whether you live in a place where hurricanes are common or just want to save money on renting equipment, setting up your own outdoor event might be something that interests you. If so, learning about frame tents vs. pole tents can help you make the right decision when purchasing the perfect tent for the occasion. Here are some pros and cons of each type of structure to help you decide which one is right for your specific needs.

What’s a Frame Tent?

Frame tent is designed with an interior frame that is attached at the base and the top of the tent fabric. This frame gives the tent structural support and keeps the fabric taut, giving the tent its shape. Frame tents have a few advantages over pole tents:

  • Can withstand high winds
  • More stability
  • More headroom

What’s a Pole Tent?

Pole tents are made with an interior single-pole system that is attached to the fabric. This pole secures the fabric at the top of the tent and at the base, similar to a frame tent. Some advantages of pole tents include:

  • More ventilation
  • Cheaper price
  • More visibility

Which Is Sturdier?

A frame tent is generally sturdier than pole tents because the frame is what helps the fabric stay taut and provides structural support. The frame will also help keep the tent upright if the wind picks up. That being said, all tents are subject to damage from high winds and heavy foot traffic. If you’re in a place that is known for high winds or has particularly bad weather, it may be best to get a tent that is specifically built to withstand those elements.

If you’re trying to decide between a frame tent and a pole tent, keep in mind that each type is designed to serve a specific purpose and may be more suitable for different events. Frame tent is sturdier and better at resisting high winds, so it may be better suited for outdoor events in places where hurricanes are common. Pole tents are cheaper and better at letting in moisture and having visibility, so they may be more suitable for events that are indoors or in a place where high winds are rare.

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